SHC I Smart Home Creations - Building Automated Custom Homes


  • Install outdoor and indoor security cameras to ensure safety
  • Stream HD videos on your devices & shine bright LEDs whenever motion is detected
  • Outdoor and indoor smart siren
  • Indoor sensors to monitor motion, light, temperature etc

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  • Light controls by your voice or by your device
  • Timed light automation; e.g. switch on lights at sunset
  • House light management even while you are away on holidays

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  • Each SHC Homes have multiple climate controlled automated zone
  • Set the right temperature even before reaching your home
  • Save energy by only using the zone where you want heating / cooling

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  • Bring Powerful Sonos One Smart Speakers with voice built-in for entertainment
  • Enjoy multiple zoned music control in your place

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  • Z Wave enabled smart lock 
  • Geo fencing enabled Garage door which opens the door when it detects your car

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